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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Some Destiny 2 Launch Content Locked Behind New DLC Now, Impossible To Platinum The Game Without DLC Now

konnichiwa said:
Liquid_faction said:
I don't see the problem here, the players knew what they were going into when they supported Destiny 2, even though Destiny 1 was executed so poorly. If you ever played Destiny 1 or heard about how bad it was, and bought Destiny 2, and are complaining about how they're screwing their consumers, you need a reality check.

Don't need a reality check to see that they are screwing consumers it is unacceptable and I am surprised that people rather accept their practice and fight complainers instead.

His comment is more of a "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"

He is not defending Destiny 2, he is just saying he don't feel sorry for the consumers of Destiny 2 cause they should have expected this.

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I played Destiny 1 a lot, but didn't join in until 6 months after the game launched. A buddy of mine just had to get Destiny 2 asap and I warned him. He's pissed now. lol. Meanwhile, I have the Destiny 2 free trial and I'm not impressed. Maybe when the year one hard copy launches with all the dlc I might get it, when it goes on sale.

Such a shame. So much potential.

I really hope this is just a mistake that will be quickly remedied. This does not sound like something Bungie would do on purpose; at least I hope not...

I have the Year 1 season pass, but this would be incredibly shameful to do that to those who don’t.

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On the plus side the new Raid Lair is a blast!

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