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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - WWE 2K18 for the Switch is the poorest running game I've ever played.

VGPolyglot said:
Volterra_90 said:

2K and EA. Enough said xD.

But 2K made WWE 2K18.

I actually was talking about WWE 2K18. I meant to say that both are awful companies. And NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch was definitely not without any problems. Less than WWE 2K18 and FIFA? Maybe. But it was not a good port.

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Darwinianevolution said:
So, out of all the big mainline sports games that have come to the Switch, only NBA is free of problems. FIFA lacks half of the modes and is more expensive, and WWE apparently runs awfully.

Which is weird, because both NBA and WWE are 2K games.  I remember they put out a pretty hefty patch for NBA 2K18 some time between the digital and physical releases.  I waited for the physical release before buying, and by then it was running fine.  I expect they will do the same for the WWE game.  Although, I do agree, they shouldn't have rushed the release if it's in as sorry a state as OP describes.  A shame.  I was looking forward to this.  Hopefully 2K gets a patch out ASAP.

Optimizing the game wasn't what was.....Best for business.....Oh, it's true, it's true. Sucks dude. I actually remember you being stoked for this when it was announced.

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A rushed release maybe?.......

Hmmmm this has me concerned for what the Switch can actually handle now. Xenoblade 2 I feel people are over reacting as the only difference in handheld vs portable is reaolution. Speaking from experience, the game looks great for a portable game and looks better on the TV. This was to be expected for a game of that scale, verticality, and depth. It also runs fairly well in both modes fps wise.

However when I saw this topic come for WWE2k18, I was like "please dont be dlewis...

Sure enough though, here we are. I knew that he was very excited for this game and is well aware of the sacrifices to be made. Considering who I am hearing this from, this worries me and there is no spinning this one, it is unexcusable.

I am going to keep a very close eye on future third party games to see what I can really expect to come to the Switch so I don't wait for a port that won't come, because I will wait for portability. I am hoping this is just a terrible port, like RiME was...but this one actually has me concerned a bit.

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Rogerioandrade said:
A rushed release maybe?.......




A Yuke's development/production.


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Hope you bought physically so you can get your money back.

Thats pretty messed up, unfortunately I feel as though the Switch will encounter a lot of issues with their ports. I know its not a port but I saw Xenoblade is running at a dynamic resolution that can drop to the 300P's I may pass on it because I know I will be pissed that the original wiiU version plays and looks much better. (30fps 720P)

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d21lewis said:

I finished that and started up a six man "EliminationChamber" match just to see what the game would do in this graphically demanding situation.

I thought the Switch was going to explode.

The game was choppy, the resolution dropped even further, and even the audio was cutting out. Sometimes, it was totally silent.


See that is what I don't get about developers.  Why the fuck do you even include a mode or player count if it doesn't even work properly?  Such as one of those Battlefield games on PS3/360.  They had the player count up so high trying to be like oh see you can have so many players playing at the same time but the game ran like shit because of the high player count.  Why not reduce the player count to where the game actually can preform decently? 

Just like here they should have changed the location/ring such as even have them do a 6 man elimination in a dark silent room (couldn't be much worse than a blurry crowd in regular mode).  I don't understand why they can't optimize the game better for under powered consoles (I'm talking all consoles).

This is what you get for not waiting for Nintendolife review D21. They don't even have a review up for the game yet.