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Hmmmm this has me concerned for what the Switch can actually handle now. Xenoblade 2 I feel people are over reacting as the only difference in handheld vs portable is reaolution. Speaking from experience, the game looks great for a portable game and looks better on the TV. This was to be expected for a game of that scale, verticality, and depth. It also runs fairly well in both modes fps wise.

However when I saw this topic come for WWE2k18, I was like "please dont be dlewis...

Sure enough though, here we are. I knew that he was very excited for this game and is well aware of the sacrifices to be made. Considering who I am hearing this from, this worries me and there is no spinning this one, it is unexcusable.

I am going to keep a very close eye on future third party games to see what I can really expect to come to the Switch so I don't wait for a port that won't come, because I will wait for portability. I am hoping this is just a terrible port, like RiME was...but this one actually has me concerned a bit.

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