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Forums - Website Topics - How A Single Message Changed My Life And 10,000 Others

Very nice story

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What an inspirational story.

I'm very happy for you, and reading this you've made me a bit happier today as well.

Really inspirational stuff man. I'm glad everything's turned for the better for you, and you're out there helping other people now!


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I'm happy for you. Hope everything works out for you

Thats great to hear.Its nice to see when people reach out to others.

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Great story! Very uplifting! Society often puts pressure on us to hide our weaknesses and put a brave front forward but sometimes you have to open up in order for things to get better.

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I think really, the best things in life usually come out of our darkest times.

That's a really nice story. Glad things have worked out for you, and good luck on the network. :)

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This is great, dude. Happy for you.

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing your message of hope.

Congratulations on your network and for helping out others as well!