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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 36 Switch Games for November 2017

Skyrim, Doom, LA Noire, and Tiny Metal are definites for me. The first 3 may be ports, but I've never played them before, so they are new to me. I was still playing Oblivion when Skyrim came out on 360. I was almost going to get it on Xbox One until they showed it coming to Switch in the Switch reveal.

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And Spurge is probably getting all of them .

I didn't know VVVVV was coming out! I've been waiting a long time to play that game. Definitely getting it.

Doom, Skyrim, and LA Noire all interest me, but not at full price when I already have so much else to play.

RE: Rev is cool, but I'm really hoping we eventually get the HD REmake.

A lot of ports, but still a solid month

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Rive: Ultimate Edition releasing on November 17
Rive is a “metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter”. This new version lets you play with a friend in Copilot Mode, supports HD Rumble, and has 48 achievements. The game also loads faster, plays smoother, and has been “tweaked to perfection”.


Played the demo on WiiU, it was good. Will get it down the line.

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