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loy310 said:
Kerotan said:

So ResetEra is a new forum that will be set up to replace gaf by old members.  It will be interesting to see where this goes.  


I heard you will need a paid email to join.  Is this true? If it is I can't ever really see it taking off. 

As long as gaf is up and running resetera or any shoot off won’t take off. In a year Gaf will back at the top and no one will be talking about recent events and the offshoots will have been forgotten.

on top of all that I can’t see this industry building a gaf competitor basically over night. Also I don’t know anyone with a paid email address, so good luck there.

what made neogaf popular are it's dedicated power users, they provide most of the content/discussion

imo if a critical portion of the power users migrate to resetera neogaf will lose it's status pretty quickly, as 99.9% of users just don't have the creativity/dedication/charm to attract people to the site on a daily basis

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I use my company e-mail

Metallox said:
SegataSanshiro said:
This isn't 2003 anymore. Who still uses a paid email?

You can get it in certain companies and schools. 

Probably explains how gad ended up an elitist hive mind. It was never truly inclusive or open to everyone. 


Only a sunset of society. 




I dont know if a new forum with the same members will lead to a different result.

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NeoGaf required a paid/company email to join afaik. At least it did for me.

This is reactionary to the event and may not matter in long run. gaf was popular because of the leaked info and deep discussions you could find there. If these 'old' members are not part of that group and that group is still on gaf, then gaf will remain long-term.

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"The future of NeoGAF will be a return to what many of us have come here for, a place where we can gather together and enjoy our shared hobby of video games. For a short time, Off-Topic Discussion and Off-Topic Community will be closed so that we can rediscover that. We'll be starting with a clean slate when they come back. However, the focus will be on the many other hobbies we may have like TV, movies, anime, writing, music, etc. Political and social discourse will not be allowed in the new Off-Topic. Those types of discussions greatly added to the harsh and unwelcoming atmosphere of Off-Topic, which pushed many users away. For those worried: OT has not been deleted, and important threads will be archived for recovery once it's open again.

Moderation will also see changes. Over the years, moderators changed from simply people who made sure discussion stay civil into personalities. It's because of that, many were targeted for harassment and other things. This shouldn't be happening to them. We've taken action to protect these people by making moderation anonymous. There will be no more red-names that single them out nor will there be a list of who is one."

Thanks God,I am done with all that off topic,politics,when I went to Neogaf and Vgchartz and others communities I am looking for video games news and discussions,not all that bullsh...Gaf is an amazing communitie,you can talk with a lot of devs and give then your feedback,but there are too much politics,I hope it will be better now

I hope it go away =p

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It´s fucking nuts how all it takes to bring down a community of thousands built up over the years, is one Facebook post.

The same old moderator team from neogaf? good luck LMAO

Doubt it will last long since the old gaf is still running.


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