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Soundwave said:

NeoGaf was much more of a Sony forum in the early days, but during the Wii/DS era it became more neutral to Nintendo and Nintendo is widely considered the best game developer on the board I would say (EAD Tokyo especially). NeoGaf is pretty enthusiastic in pushing games like Mario Odyessy, Splatoon, Zelda: Link Between Worlds, etc. 

Nintendo still takes crap for a lot of stupid/odd business decisions it makes there, but that happens on every board.

then Wii U and XB1 happened and back to the old era of sony land with constant shit posting in any XBOX related news, fortunately Switch managed to turned the situation around but the toxicity level after January presentation was beyond human understanding and even worse than Youtube comment section.

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A good bunch here could take the chance and leave.

BraLoD said:

A good bunch here could take the chance and leave.


It's gonna end up worse than current Gaf(new mod team) at this rate LOL

Soundwave said:
Mbolibombo said:

Probably wouldnt have take off like this if it wasnt for Evilores shady past.

Its' not the first time he's been accused of things like this. 

In fairness to him the other incident is what? He grabbed the ass of a girl who came up to him and was trying to get him to buy her a drink in a flirty way. 

I mean yeah ok ... it's not something I would do, but I don't think a person should be throw in jail or have to resign from work because of that. I've had women grab my ass before at nightclubs, I'm not going to go to their work and demand they be fired for sexual harrassment. 

Yeah there's more stories than that one incident I think you are refering to, not going to get in to details but they are out there if you want to find it, lots burried forever since the removal of OT at neogaf though. If they are true I wouldnt know but there's been a lot of buzz for many years, his talk in the OT threads doesnt really make me want to question that. He's also been a massive dick for a long time which obviously 'helped' this turnout.

I'm not going to take any stance on this one until we really know more than we do as of right now, he is not very likeable though. That much is true.

So the most its got going for it right now is that it needs a paid email to join?

smh....... I already don't like the site.

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It was good to see gaf die, and hopefully this thing does not take off either.

edit: well, this is embarassing, neogaf being back and all =P

Ka-pi96 said:
Baddman said:
wait paid email? lmao I can't see myself ever paying for an email. People really got paid emails just to join that site?

Kind of. An email provided by your ISP counts as paid, that's how I signed up to gaf. So you don't technically have to pay for the email itself.

Meh sounds like too much of a hassle.

MichealJetli said:
OTBWY said:

Did you the Switch reveal thread on Neogaf? There's a reason why everyone outside of Neogaf called it Sonygaf.

That's true, Gaf was known as Hardcore Playstation fanbase forum. Mediacreatesales thread is the only place where Nintendo fans have a breathing room while XBOX fans are vanished from the existence on neogaf because of PS fanboys.

Yeah mediacreate threads are over run with Nintendo fanboys which is fine but they are also Sony haters which is not fine for me as a ps4 fan.  The place is a toxic anti ps4 cess pool. 

Why hello my old.....friends?

Why do you guys care so much about neogaf?!?

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