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Forums - Music Discussion - Any K-Pop fans here?


K-Pop Yay or Nay?

Yay 27 65.85%
Nay 14 34.15%

*oops accidentally reposted. LOL

Last edited by Kowan - on 30 January 2018

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jamesmarkus87 said:
Kowan said:

I love BoA(although I like her Japanese discography more) and lately, I've been into Red Velvet(their new song is really good). I also like one TWICE song, which is their latest one called Heart Breaker. My all time favorite girlgroup though is F(X). Their last 3 albums are all amazing. It's just unfortunate that they haven't released any new songs though, although some of their members are releasing some new stuff every now and then. 

"Shattered" is my favourite BoA song. "Heart Shaker" by TWICE is freaking awesome. I fail to understand why people don't seem to like f(x)'s debut album (Pinocchio, later repackaged as Hot Summer). Personally, I think it might be their best album. I especially love "Pinocchio", "Hot Summer", "Dangerous", "Beautiful Goodbye", and "My Style". The only dud on that album is "Gangsta Boy".

"Close to me" is my favorite BoA song. It's in Japanese it's just amazing.

(FMV of the song cuz it doesnt have an MV)

I love songs like these. (Taeyeon's Fine album is another favorite of mine because it's pretty much filled with Pop rock/rock ballad songs. Also Nell)

I think Pinocchio is definitely subpar. For me it's their experimental stage; the stage wherein they're still trying to find their own sound. It was too teeny bop for me and had too many fillers.  Pink Tape is a greatly enhanced version of Pinocchio, showcasing different genres but without the fillers(except for the horrendous song "Kick"). "4 walls" for me is their definitive album as it pretty much showcases what F(x) is and what their music is. They are an edm/electronic pop group and that album shows f(x)'s unique qualities as a kpop group.

I've become a kpop fan in 2009 with Girls' gereration Gee, 4Minute and 2NE1 debut. I like mostly girl groups, co-eds like Kard or duets like AKMU.

I like some boy group songs but as isolated cases only when i really like the song.




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The best cover of a boy group song ever made by a girl group:



Are there any fans of LOOΠΔ? I seem to be on the verge of an obsession here.

저는 K-pop을 좋아해요! :D



TWICE is the greatest girl group of all time

MinatozakiSana said:

TWICE is the greatest girl group of all time

While I'm not yet ready to make that claim, TWICE are definitely in the running. "Touchdown", "TT", "Knock Knock", "Jelly Jelly", "One In A Million", "Likey", and "Heart Shaker" are among the best k-pop songs I've ever heard. All 9 members are so damn cute and likeable, especially Sana.