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I finally listened to 4 Walls by f(x)... and I love it! I ignored this album for so long because I wasn't too fond of the title track, and because I'm heavily biased towards Sulli (who officially left the group in early 2015). As it turns out, the album has much better tracks than "4 Walls" (I personally think that "Papi" should have been the lead single), and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm not entirely sure if Sulli's cute vocals would have worked for some of these songs. Truth be told, I see 4 Walls as more of an EDM album than a k-pop album, but there's nothing wrong with that. IF this truly is f(x)'s last album, then these ladies can rest easy knowing that they ended their career on a high note.

Last edited by jamesmarkus87 - on 19 February 2018