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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Lifetime Sales for All Current Consoles


Will 3DS or Switch sell more?

3DS 48 21.82%
Switch 132 60.00%
Tie (within 5 million) 25 11.36%
See results 15 6.82%

I'll go...

PS4 - 120M
Switch - 75M
3DS - 75M
XBO - 50M

I have to say it is still funny seeing people predict that the PS4 is only going to do slightly better than the PS3 and not even reach 100M.

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PS4 - 140m
Xbox One - 45m
3DS - 75m
Switch - 85m

Results table updated to this post.

Also, I'd just like to say that KBG29's prediction single-handedly increased PS4's standard deviation from 10 to 15.