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Forums - Website Topics - Reached 50 entries in my moderation history - UPDATE: Make that 60


Your thoughts?

Nicely done, Rol. 44 33.85%
Nicely done, mods. 26 20.00%
I am jealous. 14 10.77%
Scary. 11 8.46%
Wow. Just wow. 17 13.08%
Scoreboard 18 13.85%

Um, congrats I guess.

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Congratulations on your achievement? Shame my contribution wasn't exactly noteworthy, lol

Celebrate the stuff you can, I guess.

I'm proud of you.

Kim is a naughty student ...

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Didn't know that misconception existed.

Well, this is new.


caffeinade said:

Celebrate the stuff you can, I guess.

Pfft, that's something only a single digit scrub would say, look at you with your one moderation! :P 

You sould have give us a last option with "and?".

Well apart from the bias moderations where some can say things that others cant. Something i see alot on these forums.
There needs to be away to plead your case instead of getting a ban without anyway of knowing you got ban until next time you tried to log in.
1 ban i recieved by a mod (not mentionimg names) told me to stay off the X forums and the thread was in the general forum.. he/she never posted me there reason.
A 3 strike rule would be nice and a good way to still log in to message modders etc.

Anyway i am on track in beating you.. one day

That's bad, but not soooo bad considering you've been here for 10 years. It's more interesting that, assuming you've always posted the way you do, that the mods have put up with it for all that time.