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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GTX 1080 TI OnionBerry Giveaway!!

onionberry said:
Intrinsic said:
Offer up a PS4pro with the qualifier being people with a 4k tv.... and I will write you a love poem that would make you seek me out and call me or something like that.

Yes, I am that confident in my words or use of them so to speak.......

For those that do participate in this though, good luck. I am curious to see what is written.

Would ask why you are doing this; then again, the world has screwed us into thinking being nice is suspiciousso I would just say well done and thanks.

Obviously I can't participate cause I am not a PC gamer.

you can participate if you wanna be a PC gamer

What if we want to be a "better" PC gamer?

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Very nice give away. Trying to work out why you would give away such a monster 11tf GPU.. why not SLI it?

I'm tagging this in the hopes of not forgetting to at least try to come up with something later. Sounds too good to be true on a site of this size, but whatever. A chance is a chance!

Honestly, I don't think you will get many serious responses here.There only are around 10 pc gamers on this site lol...

Tagging for some fun poems...

I game.  You game.  We game.

I'm a videogamer, not a fanboy, but have a special place for Nintendo.

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Previous Game Consoles:  PS3/Xbox360/Wii/DSL/Pretty much every one thats been released since the Atari 2600.

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Azzanation said:
Very nice give away. Trying to work out why you would give away such a monster 11tf GPU.. why not SLI it?

I had some problems with crossfire a few years ago, now I don't even try. Also It's my "first internet giveaway" and I'm excited.

onionberry said:
BraLoD said:
But I love someone else and I want a Vita D:
So here is my poem:

POEM for my bae

Onionberry, can you gimme a Vita, I'm in need.
'Cause I would want one, instead.
Think, it would also be cheap.

Why ask people for a love poem,
When you already got those, no problem,
Just to watch them riot.

From a Nintendo fangirl to a PlayStation fanboy,
What could bring more joy,
Than life's du jour.

Dancing his fingers to please,
Through Vita's touch screen to release,
A blast of LoD, indeed.

The most sincere love confesion you'll see,
BraLoD's bae has always been it,
The best game ever made, period.

Oh, and I suck at rhymes, dammit.

So, there it is, get in contact with me to ship me a Vita as soon as you read it.
Thanks in advance.

I'll send you a 3ds

Close enough.

What the hell xD

Tagging, I wanna see poems XD

Eh, it'd be better if it was determined through a Smash Bros. tournament with only Meta Knight allowed you know.

I guess I won't bother. I do game on PC a bit and definitely wouldn't mind getting a good GPU, but I'm sure other people want that a lot more than I do, so I'll let them fight for it.