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Forums - Sports Discussion - Should athletes in any sport be permanently banned for doping?

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Genetic engineering is interesting, I think we are at the very tip of the beginning of the genetic revolution with things like CRISPR tech. But such technology could also render professional sports kinda moot.

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Barozi said:
VAMatt said:
Athletes should be allowed to take any substances they want. That's really the only solution to this problem. It is their job to try and get an advantage over their competitors. So, they're going to always be pushing the bounds of when and what substances are allowed to take. Just let them all take whatever they want, and then it will all be fair competition.

Then why stop at doping? Surely it would be much more efficient to use e-bikes for the Tour de France, platform shoes for high jumping and brass knuckels for boxing.

I wouldn't want to watch that.  But, if that's what other people want, that's fine with me. 

When there is a big pay day involved, people are going to take short cuts in order to win. Sports and business fields are rife with cheats, cutting corners in order to win and become rich in a Capitalist world. In a Capitalist world the people with the most money win!

They should absolutely be permabanned. You disrespect the entire nature of the sport for taking steroids and the like. Yes there is always going to one or two eye rolling exceptions people like to point out to justify everyone being able to do so, but ultimately, in normal circumstances, it is wrong and disgusting.