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How good are you at your job?

I'm one of the best in the world? 24 15.29%
Very good. Best in my com... 36 22.93%
Good enough. 71 45.22%
Mediocre or Barely qualified. 14 8.92%
So bad. Surprised I have not been fired yet. 12 7.64%

I'm efficient. Is that good? I'm not sure.

Although for the job I'm in I'm good, as I know alot of how things work, ins and outs kinda things. My skills sadly though would not translate over to another job easily, which is an issue.

Hmm, pie.

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gergroy said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:


Dude, just enroll in an online program.  You can go at your own pace and nobody is watching you.  You can get still get your diploma!  Worst case it prepares you for the GED.  Plenty of opportunities man, don't give up!

Lol, you are funny : P That probably would have been the better response


Idk lol

vivster said:

So it's your fault that network and security features in medical equipment is mostly garbage?

Ha...wish it was that glamorous. The product line I support is essentially a silly straw with a plastic hub. 

Only software I get to work with is on our testing equipment...which is about as complex as a TI-84 calculator.

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
VGPolyglot said:

I can't imagine dropping out of school myself. What lead to you doing that?

Well a lot of things lead to it. I was "friends" with the nerds who constantly made fun of me for my low grades, and even when I got good grades I was reminded that I was in normal classes like algebra where as they were in Pre-calc. So I decided Junior year I would take all AP/college classes and try my hardest, however my depression became extremely bad to the point where I became apathetic to school work and didn't do it. I became paranoid about what others thought about me, and I became even more suicidal than I was last year(and not in a typical overdramatic teenage fashion where losing a football game makes you tie a knot). So I didn't care about doing anything because my mindset was it won't matter soon enough anyways, of course it's easier to think about something than to actually do it, which is why even now I'm still around sucking up oxygen because it's not an easy decision to make. My parent started to figure out how bad school was affecting me even though I try never to complain or talk about anything, and since I had an F in every class (like literal 0%s) and school was ending in only 2 and a half months, She decide that I can just stay home. I didn't know that she actually talked to the principal to make a plan for the school to make a meeting where all the teachers came together and made a plan for me to pass in time. Of course I thought I was simply not in school anymore but apparently I was actually supposed to go back. So a month or two later and the school had not contacted her again and she found out they kicked me without even calling. I wasn't upset because I thought I was already un-enrolled, but apparently she was still waiting for the meeting from the principal. Since the principal never arranged one, they just took me out of the public school program. I honestly can't blame them. Anyways it was technically illegal for me to drop out, since I wasn't 17 yet till after school ended, although I guess the school kicked me out so I don't know if it was illegal, but either way missing two months of school is illegal anyways. I'm surprised I didn't get a cop call.

I guess this is tmi but I feel that putting too little would make the answer unjustified. I agree that it's almost never justified, leaving school. Even now it was a pretty stupid decision hahahahaha. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! It was clearly a mistake 

How old are you? what sort of job environment do you feel most comfortable with? I am asking because I want to give you suggestions. 

I´m a storeroom keeper / stockman (never found the right word in English for my profession)

I´m sure I´m good enough to be the best in my company.... because I am always correcting everyone else´s work, including the work of managers from other divisions (finances, contracts, buyers etc.). Contracts management, in particular, became a huge mess last time I went on vacations .....

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I'm constantly praised on the job I do and have a fairly good understanding of what is the context. So I would say I'm quite good.

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Overnight Freight in grocery at Fred Meyer (a Kroger chain)
I'd say I'm pretty good at it. In terms of freight, speed is what's expected of you. At least at Freddies.
I work with my best friend too so that's super nice.

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I work at a retailer and everybody says I'm a hard worker...

but I think that is mostly because some of my other co-workers aren't as fast as I am or know what to do after certain tasks are complete. I also sometimes get asked if I want to move to a higher position but because of reasons I don't wanna move higher and stay where I am for as long as possible.

Proud to be a Californian.

Building Services/Environmental Engineer. Not so great but I'm getting better. I'm much better than I was a year ago but still far from where I want to be


Run a small business. I'd say I'm okay, it's more that I see others make bad decisions about running a place. I don't think I'm that good, just that I do common sense practices that have helped me grow every year for past decade.