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Tagging to see that my 88 is spot on.

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My money is on 87 or 86. There are going to be some complaints about lack of content again.

I mean reviews don't exactly work like this but considering everything is just bigger and better in Splatoon 2 especially when comparing base games we should be looking at high 80s at a minimum.

It won't hit a 90s score. I'm going in with an 89.

village boy learns to jump.

85 meta.

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This is definitely a curious one, so I'll be tagging.

IGN: 8.3 (Review in progress)

Gamespot: 8/10


We Got This Covered: 4.5/5

Polygon - 8

Eurogamer : Recommended

NintendoLife: 10/10

opencritic has it at 85 after 18 reviews


83 after 24