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Forums - Sales Discussion - Amazon U.S. July bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

#19 PS4 UC4 (up 1)
#20 NS Neon (up3)
#32 NS Grey (down 1)
#57 PS4 Pro (down 8)

SOFTWARE (Pre-orders Only) **:
#11 NS Splatoon 2 (up 1)
#17 Mario Oddessy (-)

Does not affect this month: *
Software outside of the month only gets added if it's in the top 20: **

PS4: 2 in the top 100 / 1 in the top 50 / 1 in the top 20 / 0 in the top 10 / 0 in the top 5
XB1: 0 in the top 100 / 0 in the top 50 / 0 in the top 20 / 0 in the top 10 / 0 in the top 5
NIS:  2 in the top 100 / 2 in the top 50 / 1 in the top 20 / 0 in the top 10 / 0 in the top 5

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Already July...


Hope you get things figured out Shadow.Even if you cant, keep hanging around here.Just pass your duties to someone else

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Just looking across the regional amazon's crash bandicoot is dominating.

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The time for the tag is here!

The absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence...

PSN: StlUzumaki23


Shadow1980 said:

Due to some circumstances largely out of my control that could affect my housing status and thus my income, my continued tenure here on VGC is up in the air, and as such this may be the last Amazon thread I host, depending on if these issues get resolved (it's largely why I haven't updated as often; just too much stuff on my mind to remember). If I'm unable to continue, I'll let you all know. I'll try to post updates when I can.

Sorry to hear that. Hope everything turns out okay.

KH starting July nicely. Nice.

Hope everything ends up all right.

Dont worry Shadow! You did an awesome job in the Amazon threads! Hopefully things go well at your end!

Pocky Lover Boy!