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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation 4 - Review from a "Hardcore Xbox Fanboy"

Hello guys.

Since 2013 I must have gained fame here from one of the most ardent Xbox gamers and I've had my share of suspensions for it.

Well, now I have a PlayStation 4 and some exclusive games to test up while I await the arrival of Xbox One X.

I bought the PS4 from a friend that is changing so I got a nice discount and some games already installed. Unfortunately the games are in the scheme of shared accounts ...  Brazilians things.

I have been with the console since Thursday and over the weeks I will do some updates on this topic in more detail. For now get to first impressions.

Part 1 - Hardware and First Impressions.

Despite having bought second hand the box was in perfect condition and the components packed exactly as if left the store. My first surprise was how heavy the box and console are.

I already had a sense of size but the weight and solidity caught my attention. The re-size is in fact a great advantage to put on the shelf. Although the power brick of the 360 ​​and One never bothered me now I see how an internal power source is convenient.

The only complaint I would have is that the electric wire seemed very "cheap" and worst of all too short. If the rack were a couple of steps further away the cable would not reach the plug. Compared to One's ruggedness I wonder if Sony could not have put more effort into that thread.

After everything is in place, let's turn on the baby and have fun .... then I come across my first disappointment: The control did not synchronize with the console.

After calling and clearing the console and control several times, after putting them on the wire and repeating the process I went to get help on the internet. I discovered that the solubility was pressing the button that resets the control to the factory settings. All good ... but only a problem, the reset button can only be reached with a paper clip or something similar. I could not find any at home, then having to appeal to my neighbor I finally managed to synchronize the control.

This "adventure" took about 30 minutes and I honestly was very annoyed.

And then I came up against my second disappointment: PSN could not create my user account. There was another 20 minutes of emails and activation codes until PSN finally accepted my new user.

Of course this may have been a problem with my internet connection or the time I tried to connect. But it ended up getting a first "stain" on my relationship with the system.

Next: Interface, game pad and more

(Comming Soon)

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Prepare to be dissapointed even more when you try to buy something from the PS store and the pathetic long download times, the battery and light of your dualshock 4, the fact you can't install mp3's, the fact you can't play cd's. But when ypu are almost deprived of wanting to touch this plastic box again you decide to give Bloodborne, Uncharted 4 or Horizon a shot. Suddenly everything will make sense why this platform is favoured here on Vgchartz over the Xone in general.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Great review

"I hooked it up, turned it on, and made an account.....stay tuned"

It's the best console this generation, yet it has so much shit wrong with it.

Oh look, an early access review.

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*buys second hand console*
*has hardware issues*

Second disappointment I Try to connect on PSN With fake emails with my problematic internet connexion

Third disappointment (COMING SOON) I m xbox fanboy so all ps4 games sucks

Possitive (comimg soon) i sell the ps4 to buy xbonexxx



forth disappointment. too many games, not enough cash.

deskpro2k3 said:

forth disappointment. too many games, not enough cash.

Money os not a problem... Time is.

Angelus said:
Great review

"I hooked it up, turned it on, and made an account.....stay tuned"

Major down sides to the PS4 seem to be the lack of a stable internet connection to create a psn account


Lack of a paper clip to reset a pre owned controller...

This is possibly the worst "review" I've ever seen.

Congratz on your console though Feanor hope you enjoy it once you get over the initial lack of internet connection and paper clip.

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