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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would A Smash Deluxe have new trophies and music tracks?

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I was just wondering if it would be wise to hope to see trophies for new or since emphasized post 2014 Nintendo characters or those connected to the DLC fighters like Mipha, Spring Man, Judd, Chun-Li, and Celica? 


Also additional musical themes like a Guradian remix for Zelda stages? 


I am aware stages and charaters are a bit more effort

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Well they added content to MK8 Deluxe, and I imagine they had to rush that one a little more then they will for Smash, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an extra stage/character or two, never mind music/trophies.

Actually I'd be surprised if there wasn't extra content.

Yes. They will add new things, besides the DLC.

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Be nice to have a new one......Switch doesnt need any more old ports....its making the library look meh

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I'd be surprised if we didn't get new songs and trophies at very least. And even barring characters, I think stages are fairly likely, if only because they can be updated from older games.

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I honestly don't think they're going to port Smash 4, its the best selling smash and everyone pretty much owns it, and with how much Sakurai respects the Smash series, he probably wants to make a new one instead of an ungraded port.

I will be happy if it just has all the content from the 3DS and Wiiu versions. lol

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Of course

Even with a port, they will definitely add in some new fighters and with those, comes music and trophies

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Platina said:

Of course

Even with a port, they will definitely add in some new fighters and with those, comes music and trophies

I wonder how many new fighters they'd add, though. Inkling's definitely, and possibly a character from ARMS. But I'm not sure if there'd be anyone else.

I think it's possible they'll add more than that, like a few new stages. A new character seems like a stretch though.



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