Anyone plan on getting arms? I admit it looks a little weird but i thought the same thing about splatoon but it turned out great

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Nahh not my type of game. I could kinda see how splatoon could be fun for me but I can't with arms


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My opinion about Arms has been a little...volatile!

When i first saw it, it didn't really interest me; than it interested and then it didn't anymore.

Yes, Splatoon was weird, but it didn't really change that much the core mechanics of a shooter.
Arms kinda does that: you only fight with your arms and at a distance (most of the time). Fighers are about arms and legs and you fight one next to the other.

Let's see how it does. Not keeping my hopes up, though.

I'm hyped for it, I'm yet not shure if I'll buy it day one but probably I'll decide tomorrow after the presentation dependig on what kind of modes they show. Still even if I were to not pick it up at launch I'll eventually get it down the line

Not at full price! I'll get it if it ever becomes cheap.

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Not soon, but I may buy it later on if it's good.

Going to wait until the Direct and then make my decision. It seems fun but might not be my type of game.

Yes! It looks like it'll be a blast, especially in local multiplayer!

Was gonna get it day one, but I already spent a crapload of money on other stuff (specifically Persona 5 and some related merch.)

Day one. Also, Show me the amiibo.


Hey! They got SONY on my amiibo! Wait a minute. Two great gaming tastes that game great together!

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