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Xbox scorpio cost?

$349 5 1.08%
$399 63 13.58%
$449 65 14.01%
$499 199 42.89%
$549 42 9.05%
$599 90 19.40%
JRPGfan said:

Pole should only have the 3 realistic options: 449$ , 499$, 549$.

All the others are troll votes imo.

Not really.... I believe that at the time the scorpio is released the PS4pro would be priced at $350 or even $299 depending on how agressive sony wants to get.

Nothing stops MS from selling a $400-$420 console for $350 if they want to price match sony even if its just a holiday or launch special.

MS can go a totally different route and make the Xbox1 Elite or Surafce Box. Whic lands it firmly in premium pricing territory. Bundle the console with an XB1 elite controller and some sort of premium headset and price the whole thng for $599. With an advertised basic "Surface box priced at $450-$499 to be released later.

They did the same thing with the XB1s with the 2TB model (o was it 1TB model) being a limited run type thing. 

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I'm hoping $399 but I agree with others that have said $499.
I hope Microsoft anticipates a ps4Pro price drop to $350 and prices it at $399. $150 price gap is going to hurt it at retail stores.

$450 and if sales aren't impressive a switch price cut to $399.

I imagine Microsoft would like to sell a piece of hardware like this for $499 but that just won't be competitive in today's market.

$499 and up seems likely.

$399 if they want to stay competitive.

Sony have done amazing job in keeping the price check I doubt Microsoft can so I think it will be 500$. 450$ is the least they can afford


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My vote is $399 without any game. That will be the cheapest base model.

500, which means it'll be at least 600 in Canada.

450 max. 400 is sweet spot. 500 is just good luck.

I think that they would like to sell it for $399, but it would require to take a big loss on each console, so they would go for $449.

They can't really go for $499 or higher if they want the Scorpio to succeed.

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$450 tops. MS knows Sony is going to drop Pro to $350 this Holiday, no way they will sell at a $150 difference, they're not crazy. If they're willing to sell at a loss in exchange for more early adopters buying games, accessories, and XBL subs over the next several years (which MS used to be ok with, but shifted away from for awhile), it will be $400.