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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Mass Effect game was your favorite?

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Which one did you like the most?

Mass Effect 35 28.46%
Mass Effect 2 68 55.28%
Mass Effect 3 20 16.26%

After playing the 10 hour trial of Andromeda I decided to go back to the original trilogy and play them all in 4K with the latest graphics mods and I had forgotten how amazing this franchise is!

I like the gameplay of ME:2 the most but overall I'd have to say the original is still my favorite of the the 3.  

The story, music, and characters are just so good!

How about you?  

Which one did you like the most?

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I liked 3 the best.

The first one, despite its kind of boring combat system I was really engaged with that game and the end didn't sucked

The first one, even if I'm speaking a bit from nostalgia. Beaten it five times, and it engaged me much more than any of the sequels ever could.

The first one had the best story. Three was the best to me but I had to pretend that the whole Indoctrination Theory is true.

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The second, followed closely by the first, followed by the third.

I started with Mass Effect 2 close to ME 3 launch and very much the reason I ended up playing the original and then ME 3.

Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect 1, it was just something I had never seen before. Also the best story-wise and the fascination of exploration, storytelling and the universe that was presented still holds up to date.

ME2 Might have been better gameplay wise and was also an excellent game with even better production value and voice acting but never captures the same childish goosebumps i got playing trough the first one.

ME3 was ME2 but with the worlds cheesiest ending, so obviously it was the worst in the series until the recently released andromeda

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2, 1, 3 for me, but I liked them all fine.