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Jaicee said:

I'm kidding about the arrogance of course. I promise I'm not actually that much of a bitch. :P

Anyway, I is a 34-year-old lady (unfortunately from the U.S. state of Texas) 

Hey, I live in Texas too. I feel your pain.


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Now that is a well written introduction :) and welcome.

Welcome, though it doesn't seem like have similar gaming tastes.

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I dont think most of the users here mind if you are a girl that games.As long as, and I think I speak for everyone here, you are a nice person and enjoy games as we do and loves to discuss about it and everything in betwenn, you will always be welcome, no matter what your tastes, gender, or game preferences are.

Welcome to VGChartz, and I hope that you have an awesome stay here!

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Welcome! That's a nice introduction, I must say. That's a lot of gaming history right there, probably much more than almost any other person on this site. Also, I can already see we two have some (minor) disagreements, but that's life and I'm sure it won't be a problem.


Welcome to the forums! :D

Just a heads up since you're interested in the more political end of gaming; the mod team takes a pretty hands off approach when it comes to opinions on the forums. Outside of serious extremes, pretty much any opinion is fine as long as it's presented respectfully. Based on our earlier conversation i don't see that being any kind of problem for you, but it's worth noting both so you're personally aware of it, and so you can report posts if a user pushes that line.

Unfortunately Final Fantasy 9 isn't your favourite game from 2000 though, so you're already banned.

Hey there.

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Erm... thanks? Anyways, interesting story about yourself and your taste in games. You've got a wide variety of them, with many of them I don't even know...



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