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Forums - NSFW Discussion - “Boobs or butt? Which party are you?”

Butts taste better than boobs.

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There are nice boobs, and nice asses, and girls that have one or the other, but not both.

I would go with a nice set of boobs, because the best girl ass doesn't hold a candle to the best guy ass. However, a good set of breasts beats anything on any guys chest.

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Wow Compile Hearts, you guys are not uptight haha.

With that said, I'm team #sorrygirlsilikeboys.

They say a nice butt can always compensate for a lack of boobs. Boobs can never compensate for a lack of butt.

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Boobs will eventually go to your kids, the butt is yours forever.

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Mystro-Sama said:
Face > Ass > Boobs > Legs

My choice is Face > Ass > Legs > Boobs

I love the Japanese culture.

Strangely, I haven't claimed my preference.  Love them both depending on position, but I prefer a nice pair of breasts with textured nipples complementing a woman's body.

Very hard to choose, to be honest.

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Here's a hint:

Hmm I more top heavy, my bottom half is quite skinny as I am like only 100 pounds.

Be honest I could fit my whole self in the lower half of a curvy black/latino girl likely