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Don't forget the high number of obese people in the US who have for most of them small dicks

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No way near as important as the size of a man's wallet.

This propaganda didn't just insult Asians, they randomly ranked them too lol (I'm part Asian)

SuperNova said:
LadyJasmine said:
7-8 is best

Really? OoO

I assume you're joking. That. is. massive.

Idk, personally speaking I find lengh as an indicator of pleasure much overrated. At a certain lengh it just gets uncomfortable during sex and it hurts when it hits the cervix, so a little shorter might actually be better for everybody involved. I realize not all women are built the same and vaginal lengh in relation to cervix legh even changes through the month with the cicle (yes, even if you're on the pill), but overall I wouldn't go crazy over lengh.

I imagine it is hard to be incredibly careful and never quite being able to let loose with your partner if you have a massive dick like that.

So true, specially some girls are unable to take it from behind/doggystyle. It really sucks, and even missionary can be troublesome if you dont hold yourself back. Everyone is different though, I am sure there are women who have no problems taking 6-7 inches.

I doubt the average woman would want it congo sized

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KratosLives said:
I doubt the average woman would want it congo sized

Usually its younger girls who watch pornography and have a skewed view of sex. 

KratosLives said:
I doubt the average woman would want it congo sized

I never heard complaints.

I mean women have complained about other aspects of me, but not that.

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Now I understand why its skin is darker than the rest of my body

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