Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you getting Skyrim for Switch?

Are you buying Skyrim for Switch?

Yes 185 32.57%
Maybe 133 23.42%
No 250 44.01%

if it has motion controls and HD rumble then definitely yes, probably not if there's nothing extra other than the Switch portability

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Mods Mase the game playable

Depends on the price, but I am interested in it

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Of course! Didn't get remastered yet and Skyrim on the go + third party support. Most definitely.

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No to Skyrim, yes to NBA 2K. I want something I can play for 15-20 minute bursts. 

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When I buy a Switch if this is avaiable cheap I may buy it but I'm not hopeful that Bethedsa will make much effort with it. They have probably been paid by Nintendo to create a version to make it seem like Switch has support and it will be a by the numbers port with much missing due to the cartridge media. I doubt it will match the legendary version on Xbox 360 for game speed and content. Amazing game though and would certainly recommend it for those who have not played it before and only have a Switch to play it on.

When you factor in the 150 gflops gpu and the 18,000 mips cpu I don't think the Switch will achieve an impressive version. The detail may be cut down a bit or there could be severe frame rate issues.

I'm going to get it. I've only played a bit on a friends PC and I never bought it for myself. So I'd like to have it, and having it on the go with the switch makes it worth it.

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Definitely I will getting at same point, I want to support games like this on Switch.

No. Have it on PS3 and having it once is enoigh because it's not good enough to own multiple times.

Yes, it'll make business trips more enjoyable.