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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why I can trust Nintendo's 1st party support with the Switch

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It's not the 1st party support I'm worried about.. D:

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I don't think the main issue is the lack of games, but other things, like lack of 3rd party games, the lack of power of the system, missing features and other odd decisions.

There's no question Nintendo will have their awesome line of games on the system.



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KLXVER said:
Mar1217 said:

DENA makes the games, not Nintendo. They probably help them in some design aspect but they won't utilize their staff who produce games on console/handheld to make mobile games.

Well who is paying for the development?

It is a joint venture, so both of them.

I can completely trust them again if they go back to making games as well as they used to before Wii U. With their combined divisions hopefully that'll be the case.

I wonder with Switch being close to current gen consoles, if games from third parties like Monster Hunter will be able to easily be ported now to Xbox One and PS4. Unless Nintendo is paying Capcom for a exclusivity deal.

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Thanks for pointing out the obvious strategy with a hybrid.

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It was way cheaper and less time intensive to develop games for a 3DS than a HD hybrid portable home console. So I wouldn't say unification is going to make droughts non existent.

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I never had a problem with Nintendo's 1st party for my Wii U, its just everything else.