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What the heck, Microsoft? Trump should tax them. I believe there are merits in taxing Sony and Nintendo (just my opinion though), but Microsoft is seen as an American console. Perhaps a 10% tax?


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I don't understand the majority of your post...Yes, Trump may impose trade tariffs that impact video games and consoles...what does the rest of your post mean?

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Its actually Ghina. Sorry, but I had too Trump.

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I thought this was fairly known...

Yeah Trump, come save us all from consoles made in China. Also, thanks for making your "Trump" merchandise in... CHINA!!!


A mouse & keyboard are made for sending email and typing internet badassery. Not for playing video games!!!

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You buy Trump merchandise? They hand that **** out free.


Tariffs would be great for protecting all the American console factories from unfair competition.

Doesnt this basically kill JP niche developer support for NA market? Thanks trump

How exactly will this benefit us?

It'll just make goods more expensive and a bigger hassle. Not everything can be made in America y'know. Factory jobs were imported to China and other countries for a reason.


I don't want to judge right away, but I'm skeptical about this decision. 

Greatness awaits

This time it may very well have to.