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After FFXV, I guess it didn't sell as much as they wanted so they definitely think KH3 won't sell on XBO.

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Also if you click on shop, the PS4 version is up but no trace of xbox.

Oh shit its the Tabata Effect.

Next thing we know - Kingdom Hearts 3 will be renamed as Kingdom Versus Hearts 3 - directed by Tabata and exclusive to PS4.


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Surely the XB1 version would be quite a way along by now. I can't see SE pulling it entirely but then again XB1 owners haven't really been supporting games like this.


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Did it used to be any other way?

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I suspect that it is because the web-page doesn't change its footer.

Every other game is ps4 only. So someone may have changed the footer not realizing it applied to every webpage including KH3.

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GribbleGrunger said:
Surely the XB1 version would be quite a way along by now. I can't see SE pulling it entirely.

I doubt they've done any work on XB1, even PS4, they're just working on the main build, which would be on PC, like FFXV.

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Wow....Megaton...I mean it only makes sense for them to just say fuck it and go back to the PS1/PS2 days. Shit I hope Sony buys them one day. Welcome Home Square-Enix.

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FFXV did better than expected in US though? Did 450k, so it's probably over 600k physical all in all. Kingdom Hearts won't be as big, but would surely cover the costs of porting at the very least.

Although on the other hand, would not surprise me if they scrapped it for a Switch version instead

It's still on the Japanese website though:


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