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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is on sale right now with the January Digital Deals sale on the Nintendo eshop.  It is down from 14.99 to 7.49 US dollars right now.  Is it worth playing?  I feel like I have heard some good things about it around here, but I don't know much.

Should I pick it up?  Thoughts?

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Yup, platinumed it twice!

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Totally worth it! Great Metroidvania with a really deep combat system. 

I'd also recommend the studio's follow-up, Severed.

Very much. It's an excellent cross between Metroidvania-style exploration and classic beat-em-up fun. Could not recommend more.

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100% yes, it's a great game and for 7.49 to get the original plus all the dlcs is a good price.

Yes. Get it now or you won't be welcomed here anymore.

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A 7 on my scale means that you should give it some thought before you commit to paying full price, unlike an 8 which is a safe recommendation. Logically, if a 7 game goes on sale, you can treat it like an 8.

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Great value for the price. It also supports couch co-op, which makes it funner at times.

Definitely a great pick up. I have it for PS4 and Xbox One. Great game!

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