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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [Graphic][Never Forget]Man gets attacked after opening PS4 for Christmas

Impressive stuff.
Nintendo definitely trains their cats well.

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Shouldn't have named the cat Reggie Felines-Aime. His body wasn't ready.

The Cat is probably crapgamer

Cat was an Xbot

the cat is an xbox fan

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Despite myself having owned and loved my previous cats, I have to say that cats in general can be curious little bastards at times.

Slimebeast said:
Lucky guy, owns both a cat and a dog and gets a Playstation as present.

I don't think that's quite right. To me, it looks more like the cat and the dog own a huge pile of meat and a Playstation 4 now.

Moral of the story folks. Frogs > Cats.

BraLoD said:
Mummelmann said:
Good cat-ch, finding that, but the man is a pussy. Hope he's feline better now, kicking back and listening to some meowzart.

You have cat to be kitten me, right meow.

Damn, we need to take this show on the road!

Obviously the animal is a CatBox fan.


Hey! They got SONY on my amiibo! Wait a minute. Two great gaming tastes that game great together!

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