Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best platforming series... with Mario disqualified

The best is...

Donkey Kong Country 134 39.76%
Rayman 40 11.87%
Sonic the Hedgehog 39 11.57%
Crash Bandicoot 38 11.28%
Megaman 34 10.09%
Kirby 17 5.04%
Other 35 10.39%

Voted DKC.
Its my favorite platformer the Wii U had.

I used to seriously love megaman..... but after Mighty Nr 9... its dead to me, I dont believe there will ever be another decent megaman game.

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TallSilhouette said:
Prince of Persia

Dammit, I wish VGChartz let you add poll optyions without resetting the poll... XD

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Spyro (original trilogy) and Ratcher&Clank

DKC or Rayman, but that could change when I play Knack Kappa.

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Donkey Kong Country.
Even with mario.

Jak and daxter 2 and 3

Definitely Donkey Kong. The original arcade games, the SNES trilogy, Donkey Kong 64, Jungle Beat, the Retro titles.

I'd rank it among the top 10 series of all time.

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Now I finally understand how the VGC meme "Slade pls" came to be.

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