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Will lifetime 3DS sales be greater than the NES at 61.91 million?

Yes 116 92.80%
No 4 3.20%
Too close to call 5 4.00%

According the VG Chartz the NES had sold 61.91 million consoles in its lifetime. This makes it the 10th best selling console of all time. 

VG Chartz is currently a bit vague on total 3DS sales, putting it at 59.8 million in its alltime chart and tracking it at 58.7 million on its global totals

graphic but it's safe to assume somewhere around the 59 million mark is accurate.

So my question is will the 3DS pass the NES.? With the NX looming and the 3DS coming to the end of its reign will it sell another 3 million units? Will it be able to enter into the top 10?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.... 

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Yes. Nintendo will really push hard with killer deals during holidays to make it get several more million before the NX comes along.



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It will be a close one .

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Hard for it not to. Nintendo will be shipping around 5 million for FY17, and IIRC the 3DS was at 57 million by April of this year, putting it at ~62 million units by April 2017 (implying Nintendo's estimates are 100% correct)... and even if it doesnt outsell it by the end of FY17, I expect Nintendo to ship like 5 million more by the time it stops selling (around 2019-20 imo).

Edit: If what I said is too confusing (re-reading it feels that way ), I expect the 3DS to sell at least 67 million units lifetime.

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It has officially shipped 59.79 million as of June 30, 2016 so it would be pretty much impossible to not pass NES.

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Beating the NES is a given. By how much remains to be seen. Assuming the NX isn't meant as a total replacement for it, the 3DS could still pass 70M depending on its legs. Unless they are way off, VGC sales suggest the 3DS is up YoY globally for Q2 (though that appears to be entirely due to Europe). We could still see 7M this year, which would put the 3DS at around 63M. But if the NX is intended to completely replace the 3DS, then 3DS sales will quickly crater, and the 3DS could end up at only around 65-66M.

Of course it will :)
3DS will sel between 65M and 70M LTD :)

Pokemon Sun & Moon special edition will definitley put it over the top.

Yes, thanks to pokemon Sun/Moon and the resurgence of the pokemon craze.