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Forums - Sales Discussion - July NPD 2016 prediction thread

Neoarc said:
PS4: 200k
X1: 150k
WiiU: 25k
3DS: 120k

Then I'm updating my 3DS: 140k

so this will be my prediction

PS4: 200k

X1: 150k

WiiU: 30k

3DS: 140k

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PS4 170K
XB1 160K
3DS 150K
WII U 27K....

PS4: 178k
XB1: 186k
3DS: 129k
WiiU: 27k

jason1637 said:
New prediction
XB1 170K
PS4 160k
3DS 130k

You got it spot on for PS4 and XB1. I had 180 PS4 and 185 XB1 

I wasn't able to post the June 2016 NPD results since I was taking a break from the site. Now that I'm somewhat back, I should be able to post results again for every NPD prediction thread.

Congrats to Welfare on being the best this month. However, iTzCharlie could have won if he'd predicted a number for the Wii U.

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Noooo shame on me ahahh

iTzCharlie said:

Noooo shame on me ahahh

When 3DS numbers are out you can take some extra points though considering some didn't predicted it. :p

Ryng we had the same prediction for xb1 and ps4, lol! The same would happen with wii u, but I chose to put what I would like it to sell i.e keeping the june weekly average (27-28k), instead of what I was really expecting 24k... lol

6th because of wii u, while I'm only over by just 2.1k... KCUF!

Probably, I will be higher when 3ds sales figure leak...