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Forums - Sony Discussion - Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness Metacritic Review - (60 Meta Rating - Gabriel Celeste May Cry Edition)

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Xxain said:
Ruler said:

Why cancelling it? Its exclsuivelay on square enixes store and should be pretty valueable at some point. Why do you listen to reviews so much? Shouldnt you know yourself what you like and what you dont like?

wait you are listening to reviewers? Why not finding out yourself?

You have a signature of a pretty looking Zelda gif yourself :) pleas stop generalizing 

how is it not biased? The game was out in japan half a year ealier and they have zero reviews from japanese and asian sites. Of course we all going to listen to western sites for a japanese devoloped game, how fair and balanced

Yeah and have you made some research about these so called star ocean fans and die hard importers? They are quite hypocritical themselves, they bash the game for being too westernized and having other elements from western games, but then go around and play and love games like the witcher 3 or dragon age


Star Ocean 5 issues have nothing to do being westernized, but trying to be bigger than its budget allows it be.   

how the hell isnt it big enough? Its a 30GB game

for example

FE# is 16GB

XCX is 22GB +10GB update

Atelier Sophie is 5.5GB


You will get a lot of quality over quantity in Star Ocean 5. I think its good if its shorter than other RPGs there are plenty of other games to play in my backlog so who cares?

Sadly I ddin't think it would ever live up to SO3's quality but I expected a little better.

Hmm, pie.


Honestly i enjoyed Star Ocean 4 a lot despite everyone saying it was terrible, so im still gonna buy this game (not right now though i just bought 6 games on june :P).

Oh and about SO 4, it wasnt terrible but it wasnt great either, it had some cringe stuff in it coupled with two annoying characters but it also had some really cool characters in it with an awesome combat system, so the good and the bad kinda balanced each other out with the good stuff taking prevalence over the negative points, so in few words i found it good and quite entertaining.

Boutros said:
As expected. That's how much SO4 should have had.

Even a bit lower, imo. I have a hard time seeing me enjoying this game less than SO4, so I'm still going to check out some reviews and see what the problem areas may be.

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still getting this on Friday

Changes nothing for me. I'm gonna read a few reviews and see if i can filter whether the game is worth a shot.

I loved So3. I really enjoyed 1 and 2.

But So4... that was too much for me.

From what I'm seeing of people who like JRPG, they actually enjoyed it but it's a short game for JRPG standards.

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Goodnightmoon said:

That's an impressive way to fail in metacritic.

Looks like this game had way more hype than deserved, I guess mostly because the pretty graphics.

Or maybe, just maybe.. that some people liked Tri-Ace works and older Star Ocean games? The game hardly had any hype going for it anyway and it certainly wasn't because of the "pretty graphics"

Quite OT but didn't want to make a new thread just for it; where the hell is God Eater Resurrection? Supposed to be out today digitally but not available in any region, nor are there any reviews, launch trailers, etc. Am I missing something