Original Xbox 80 26.06%
Xbox 360 180 58.63%
Xbox One 47 15.31%

360, no question.

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best controller, best reliability *you can leave xbox 1 on for 10 years striaght before RRoD comes according to MS, and best graphics. x1.  ez.

360 brought me back to consoles from PC. The last console I bought before the 360 was NES.

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Original Xbox by a miles stone


- it was segnificantley stronger than its competetion, Xbox 360 not much or doubtfull

- the hardware is more reliable

- it had a harddrive only using it for game saving instead of annoying updates

- you could softmod the console and play emulators on it, or making the console region free

- its game libary is better, if you love the PS2 essentially you should love the first Xbox library


I have to go OG Xbox. Sorry guys. The 360 was garbage. I literally had THREE RRoDs and didn't even bother replacing it the third time. I missed out on Halo 4 and Gears Judgment, but I almost didn't even mind by that point.

I haven't even bought an Xbox One because, aside from Halo 5 and ReCore, nothing else even appeals to me. Maybe Scalebound?

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The first Xbox was the console that got me into gaming, great titles like Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Halo and Halo 2, and a slew of others were just AMAZING. Plus the console was just magic, from the futuristic intro to the industrial theme, it was just the best console of it's time tbh.

Xbox 360 was equally as magical, it was the first to the market, it launched with strong games including my favorite, Perfect Dark Zero. It also introduced the Kinect which at the time was unheard of and phenomenal. It also had Halo 3 which was the game of the gen. Let's also add in Gears of Wars birth. Best console of last gen hands down.

Xbox One is still easily the best this gen, it had the strongest launch lineup and continues to impress. It's definitely more of a labor of love as it gets better with time, but overall it's in 3rd. But certainly not bad in any sense.

aLkaLiNE said:
That's tough. The First Xbox introduced online play which was unheard of for the tv. Ridiculously fond memories with friends for Halo 2 so that alone carries a lot of weight.
The 360 introduced one of my favorite franchises, gears of war which also stacks heavily in my mind.

I'd have to edge it to the 360 even though there were more games that I felt I enjoyed with the first Xbox (psychonauts, republic commando, battlefront 2, halo 2, the first Fable)

Dreamcast had a good following online. Phantasy Star Online, NFL 2k and Nba 2K.


360 may be the best console ever. The OG Xbox holds a ton of memories for me as well. 


Ganoncrotch said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I recently ordered an OG Xbox the other day so I could replay Panzer Dragon Orta and Jet Set Radio Future. 360 BC is okay for those games, but has issues.

Xbox didnt have the variety of PS2, but it had so many awesome exclusives and PC ports.

Skip to the 1min mark, I find it so weird that this game is still supported and will start up on X360, why they didn't just set it as being incompatible I'll never know, heck weirder again is that there is an XBLA version of the exact same game which plays absolutely perfectly.

Thats a game known for being buggy on BC, overall it was a useful emulator and most supported games were fine. 

The XBLA version came years later. So I guess MS felt a buggy visuals of BC is better than no support.

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Xbox 360. It has some memorable exclusives plus a huge amount of games, the first iteration of achievements (also the best), an awesome interface (until MS ruined it at the very end, but at least vanilla and v.2 were damn great) and brought a comfortable controller (shame about using batteries, but you could always buy one of those wired ones). It also had some smooth online interactions and allowed for a good experience overall.

It had its flaws, RROD and certain other issues, but I personally love it. It was my favourite seventh gen console and one of the best consolles overall imo. It also had some unique charm, can't really describe it. Something the Xbox One is lacking, and I'm not sure MS would be able to recapture it ever again. It was also a different era back then, but still...

You can buy a play and charge kit. I bought four of them when the Xbox 360 launched, now all those lithium packs are dead... And instead of throwing the controllers away or going 100% wired, I just switched over to AA rechargeable batterys and never looked back.

For me the choice is the Original Xbox, Seeing Halo 2 running for the first time on the Original Xbox was an amazing moment. Probably the moment where the Xbox was finally cemented as a viable competing platform, it even made allot of PC gamers interested in console gaming for the first time.

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