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Forums - Movies Discussion - X-Men: Apocalypse just opened to 65 million and a 15,663 per theater average- Are we going to stop badmouthing Batman VS Superman's Gross now?


Are you going to stop hating on Batmans box office total now?

Yes, it actually did well 29 22.83%
yes 7 5.51%
No, a billion is the magi... 19 14.96%
no 53 41.73%
see results 18 14.17%
other post below 1 0.79%

Even Batman's second week was almost as much as X-Men's first. So Fox studios biggest superhero franchise failed to come even close to BvS, which everyone hated on saying they should have pushed a billion.


(click to view chart)
Rank Weekend
Theaters Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week
Mar 25–27 1 $166,007,347 - 4,242 - $39,134 $166,007,347 1
Apr 1–3 1 $51,335,254 -69.1% 4,256 +14 $12,062 $260,408,047 2

<<Last Weekend <Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend  
TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N X-Men: Apocalypse Fox $65,000,000 - 4,150 - $15,663 $65,000,000 $178 1
2 N Alice Through the Looking Glass BV $28,112,000 - 3,763 - $7,471 $28,112,000 $170 1
3 1 The Angry Birds Movie Sony $18,700,000 -51.0% 3,932 - $4,756 $66,353,309 $73 2
4 2 Captain America: Civil War BV $15,135,000 -54.1% 3,395 -831 $4,458 $372,610,948 $250 4

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With the lack of Hugh Jackman it's not that surprising it flopped. I mean, which other X-Men are worth watching the movie for?

I loved X-men and i think BvS was alright. I don't get the hate either, but it has already had consequences.

X-men is not exactly the most popular franchise 


The only blockbuster is Days of Future Past and it might have to be due to how critically acclaimed it was by critics and audiences alike.

Also X-men are not as popular as the two most famous superheros ever.

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Most people who hated BvS was cause the movie itself. Also everyone thought 1B was on lock and the real question was 1.5-2B... didn't happen. Its second weekend was terrible.

X-men didnt do that good yes but thats irrelevant to BvS which had way higher expectations

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I don't think any superhero movie HAS to gross a billion to be considered succesfull, but I also don't think it was too high an expectation considering it had a 250k budget, starred the trinity or superheroes most known to mankind at the time Superhero films are in their most popular, the great precedent we had with Nolan's Batman films, and was supposed to kickstar the whole DCU.

Reviews killed X-Men's opening, if it had reviewed as well as the last X-Men movie it would have made more money.

BvS was meant to haul 1.2-1.5B and (to quote Snyder himself) "transcend the superhero genre". It is in no way redeemed by the failures of other movies, especially ones with more modest ambitions.

Lol of course not. Comparing X-Men to Batman V Superman is laughable.

Other, less popular superhero movies not doing as well doesn't take away from how badly BvS failed.

Also, it's not as if it doesn't deserve the crap it gets. It was a fucking terrible movie imho.