Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is the argument of a Wii Hard Drive still warrant discussion?

It is ironic, my first HD was 20MB (only 15MB of which worked) and we are now complaining about 2GB.

Of course, since it is computer-based, could you not just dump stuff you don't need right now onto your computer, then reload it to the SD card and then the Wii when you want to play. Yes, painful and I'd love a HD, but a noncost solution right now. Remember, last generation, PS2 and GC owners had to swap memory cards all the time and computer back-ups were not as easy (and I wish they were as I had a 1000+ block card go bad).

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Maybe I just miss the days of my Amiga when my software collection was stored on around 300 720k floppy disks ;)

The problem is the active space not the storage space.

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Depends on the transfer rate the SD card and the USB port are set for. If the USB port offers a faster transfer rate then it would easily still be a valid option. If they can squeeze out a faster rate from the SD card, then it will likely be the leading charge for the storage issue.

My personal belief is that Nintendo wants the SD card as the main storage option since it's less messy. Simplification is Nintendo's theme for such things and the SD card is far simpler than an external HDD.




DSII - Those limitations can be removed via firmware so I think they are temporary roadblocks until the final solution is ready.

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a wii HDD would be good because as DKII said wii only supports SD cards upto 2GB and you cant play directly off them. Transferring stuff on/off computer and SD cards or having to re download is something that belongs in the days of old. I like the wii but the whole storage thing brings my piss to a boil.

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Haven't filled up my Wii's internal storage yet so haven't experienced that yet. Is it that much hassle transferring stuff?

I can see the point of being able to run games from SD cards directly. That would be nice. But hopefully allowing larger cards to work can be fixed through a future update.

I personally don't mind if I had to have a few cards. One for Wii Ware Games, One for Guitar Hero if they would ever get that going and so on...

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i prefer they simply update firmware to allow us to use 16gb/32gb/whatever sd cards as active space

then u don't have to have a hdd plugging into the back of the wii and looking ugly and u don't have to transport it...u just plug in a large sd card and u are good to go

the future is flash memory anyway

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^i agree--the problem with a hard drive is it could just go bye bye in a blink --where as flash s more stable

plus the only reason HD on the big two are getting larger is b/c they take up more space--they could have gig downloads and such where as you wouldn't need that with the wii

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I'd rather have a hard drive than an SD card.

It'd be a lot easier for Nintendo to run games directly off their own hard drive, and a hard drive larger than 20 GB would be cheaper than any SD card or multiple SD cards with the same amount of storage.

And simply plugging in a hard drive is not guys are acting like it'd be more of a pain than inserting an SD card, loading the info back onto the wii, and then playing.

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