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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rainmaker Loses $10 Million on ‘Ratchet & Clank,’ Blames Disney!

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It was a decent movie but Disney's not to blame.

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Next time maybe make a movie that looks like it can be at least somewhat enjoyed by anyone over the age of 3..

Rainmaker made like what, one other feature film? And it blew. R&C deserved a better studio behind it. Hell, I thought it would be a shoo-in for Sony Pictures Animation, but they're too busy dicking around with Angry Birds and Smurfs. But, whatever. The marketing on this movie seemed to be super minimal too.

I think it could have some life on video and all, but the animated scene is crowded with Disney and Pixar being so strong and Blue Sky and Dreamworks having several successes. Unless you have something really distinct and different that gets critics in a frenzy be hard to crack that market.

I haven't seen it yet but I have to ask why. Why for the love of God, did they think that going up against The jungle book AND Captain America was a good idea? They're lucky they barely won against Jak and Daxter in Death Battle!

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It wasn't the worst movie but i do feel the movie was lacking a lot of the humor that made the games so great. Also, it didn't help that the game was overshadowed by two major disney films (technically 3 since civil war also came out within a month of release). And having an advertising budget is necessary for a movie. It can't just rely on brand loyalty and forum hype like the video game series.

I'll buy it on blu-ray, checking imdb it seems it's not as bad as made out to be.

Is there any stopping Disney?

huh, wasn't even aware it had released yet

I wonder if the game impacted it at all. With people preferring to just get the game to experience the story rather than watch the film. IIRC the game charted pretty well compared to previous R&C games.

The series is definitely not iconic enough for a feature film anyways. I don't know who's idea it was, but I knew the film would flop.