Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kojima's confirms his next game will be TPS action. What sub genre would you like?

What kind of TPS would you like him to create?

Horror? 11 25.58%
Rpg? 9 20.93%
Jrpg? 6 13.95%
Linear action game (like uncharted) 7 16.28%
Stealth action? 4 9.30%
Open world sandbox? 2 4.65%
Plain standard action TPS... 1 2.33%
Hero shooter/MP only online/Moba? 0 0.00%
Point and click adventure action? 0 0.00%
Have I missed a genre/sub... 3 6.98%

Info in video. But if you're lazy....well, in an interview Hideo Kojima stated that his next game will be action. Do you like this? Would you have prefered something else? What type of action title would you like? Stealth? TPS turnbased? Action RPG? Jrpg? Horror?   


China Numba wan!!

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Action RPG would be cool.

No link?

FIT_Gamer said:
No link?

Yeah, updated thread. Sorry.


China Numba wan!!

Voted RPG :)

I wanna see how that would turn out.
Pleased to see someone else voted likewise.


Turkish said:
Action RPG would be cool.

Must have been you... *high five*


He said he was going for a "the devision" + "uncharted" type mix.

It could happend?

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Horror would shrink potential buyers, I think unless it's another undead game.

I really want sci-fi ala Matrix.

Open world stealth sounds nice.


You mean just third person? TPS means third person shooter. Not that the game being a shooter would be surprising.

I'm not expecting an RPG. But probably a game with RPG elements like MGSV.

JRPGfan said:

He said he was going for a "the devision" + "uncharted" type mix.

It could happend?

No he said people that like AAA games (Division and Uncharted were given as examples) would be able to enjoy the new game. Nothing about how the gameplay is going to be designed.

RPG or Open World

Update your thread title because its wrong. He said action, nothing was said about being TPS.

Also why do have RPG and JRPG as options? JRPG,WRPG, ARPG,MMORPG, TTRPG - all of thes are umbrellad under the general term "RPG". The letter in front is a indicater of the style. They are not separate genres.

Wtf is a hero shooter?