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Which HDTV is better?

58" 1080p 19 20.00%
55" (4K x 2k) 60 63.16%
see results 16 16.84%
bigtakilla said:
AlfredoTurkey said:
4K TV's are where HDTVs were in like, 2003. Not worth it, unless you have money to blow. By the time 4K is standard, and everyone is providing content and physical media, the TV's will blow current 4K TVs away and make them seem like ancient tech.

Unless PS4k is a real thing. Then I think there will be a push for 4k in the near future by Sony (which will be big). To the OP I say wait to buy anything though. Christmas during Black Friday or Cyber Monday is going to be the best deals, and by then I think we'll have a pretty defined sense of what (and if ) the PS4k is.

As I said, if people want to spend their money in ___ ways, so be it. But I got burnt buying an HDTV back in 2002 and I'd hate to see it happen to someone else. 4K isn't even close to mainstream. And when it is? The TV's will be much better and much cheaper and the one they bought TODAY will be almost useless.

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If you have a PS4 or XB1 console then I would reccommend a TV that has at the very least a 100Hz and preferably higher refresh rate. Yes you will pay a llittle more but if you like fast paced games then you wont regret it.

It is pointless comparing a HDTV (1080p) to a UHDTv (4K) unless you are equally comparing brands. sizes and features. Sure screen resolution is important however for gamers refresh rates are or at least should be an important factor as well.

When comparing 1080p to 4K it is important to note that there  is very little content for 4K while 1080p is well suported and if you have a current generation console 1080p is good enough even for BluRay movies and TV shows.  Another thing to consider with 4K TV's is the fact that 8K displays are actually due out this year and while initially expensive they will drop in price (2 to 3 years) to the point where 4K is sidelined, sort of like 720p to 1080p.

I'm looking at getting a TV soon too and their are some really cheap 4k tv's out their now. But the cheap 4k tv's really so have some issues you need to think about. The ones I've looked at have low response times making them bad for gaming, bad image quality for 1080p images. So they're fine for 4k but when displaying 1080p content on them they're not so good.

You're better off getting a 1080p TV from a good brand then a cheap 4k TV that's going to have issues.

terrible TV's.

save your money.

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nitus10 said:

If you have a PS4 or XB1 console then I would reccommend a TV that has at the very least a 100Hz and preferably higher refresh rate. Yes you will pay a llittle more but if you like fast paced games then you wont regret it.

Picked that out because it's one of the issues right now. It get's harder and harder to know what your panel actually does. At the same time we get ridiculous CMR, CPI, blablabla numbers that actually tell absolutely nothing.

Just as a side note: I still have a 2012 well known brand TV. Calibration options it gives me, actual panel quality and the backlight of the not so super slim frame dadly let it have a better picture than many current, more expensive TV's... And yes, it has a 100/120Hz panel.

4K TV's don't even support half of the UltraHD standard. So if you're not sitting very close to your tv i'd effectively recommend a FullHD over a ceap 4K. Only reason to go with 4K to me right now, better models usually have 4K right now. I'm not talking about super cheap 4K right now.

Does the cheap tv even have HDCP 2.2 and so on? Does it have decent scaling? Otherwise you could have way worse picture quality.


Note: 4K is actually a cinema standard with some differing resolutions. 4K2K actually being 4096x2160.

'4K' UltraHD TV, also known as Quad Full HD or QFHD is 3840x2160

A 21:9 tv could have 5120x2160 pixels, that resolution isn't supported by the UHD standard though.

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Neither are more than 60 hz. For many, that's more important. Get 100 hz or above. 100hz is enough though and anything more makes little difference but the diff between 60 and 100 is massive. Look at the amount of hdmi inputs. Usb inputs? What does it play from usb? Xvid?  MP4? You need to get all of those things straight to suit your needs before falling for the 4K nonsense. What is the interface like? What's the remote like? It must suit YOU! I wouldn't buy either of these TVs personally. Cheapest engine, cheapest parts. Lowest of low! Would you buy a ps2 or save up for a ps4?


Source? Sold TVs for 2 years to get through college. 

Get one with HDR.

HDR > resoultion > size.

4K TV's are where the manufacturers are putting all their focus into now, they get the latest and greatest tech... I bought into the HDTV race when 1080P was fairly "new" and 720P panels were the affordable option and 1080P content was minimal.

I still have the old 720P TV, even though it's over a decade old, but it's out in the shed for when I am entertaining.
Really wish I splurged the extra and went 1080P due to how long I have retained it.

With that said, you can have two TV's using the same identical panels... And they will have vastly different levels of image quality as both have different image processing, read reviews. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra for 4k.

In the end, there might not be much in the way of 4K content right now, but there will be eventually... And TV's aren't something I would replace every couple of years.

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Apparently these cheap 4k brands use an awful Chinese LCD panel. If I were you and had 500 dollaz I'd get a smaller, maybe older quality brand tv.

A big mistake some people here seem to be making is suggesting give refresh rates, so let's clear the air: a higher refresh rate will not make a console look smoother.

In fact, all consoles can get away with a 60hz panel and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. No, the important thing here is one of the many functions of a smart TV: the smart refresh.

Motion Rate (called different names among different manufacturers) virtually doubles the taste at which frames are displayed by blurring frame 1 and frame 2 together to get frame 1.5.

It doesn't matter if your TV is 480hz: the PS4 can't push more than 60FPS, so it's not going to display it. But the motion rate will.

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