Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New Splatoon Splatfest announced for NA and Europe..... Spongebob vs. Patrick


Well, this is new.


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RolStoppable said:
Teeqoz said:
Patrick for the win.

Spongebob is just too annoying.

I wonder if there's anybody who prefers Spongebob over Patrick. It's like Alan vs. Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men.

I think in more modern episodes of Spongebob they've flanderized Patrick into a *completely* 2D dimensional nitwit. He does a lot of terrible things in the cartoon now too. So there's a case to be made there. But in terms of Patrick back in the show's earlier days, Spongebob doesn't stand a chance.

bet: lost

In the older episodes I preferred Patrick but in the newer ones I prefer Spongebob. Tough decision indeed...

Wait, will this be the first time they'll have pink and yellow ink!?


Patrick for the win



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Haha, this is pretty awesome. I loved this show as a kid, but I think it stuck around way longer than it should have. The show isn't even fun to watch anymore. It's kind of a empty husk of what it used to be...

Anyways, gotta hop on the lesser popular train, whichever that is!



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Im going with Patricio.

Sponge bob has been popular in UK for atleast 12 years. Not on Simpson level but sure everybody under 30 knows spongebob

I'm going with SpongeBob because the less popular always wins :P

Good splatfest. Spongebob and Splatoon blend perfectly.