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I recently started playing Splatoon again lately and wow! I'm having memories from 1 year ago when I used to wake up every morning watching the trailer, gameplay, soundtracks ect. and being sooo EXCITED to get this game.

I really don't know why I got hyped for it all of sudden. I remember E3 2014 I first watched the trailer, thinking "wow, this is a new indy game" then I realized it was from Nintendo themselves. But I didn't care at all for Splatoon at the time. Around March of last year, I went back and watched the trailer again.... THEN I GOT SO HYPED FOR IT.  All I was thinking for my Wii U was Splatoon. I played the Splatfest beta from begining to end. I was totally inlove with Splatoon before I even bought it! 

After school on the day Splatoon released, I went straight to EB Games (Canadian Gamestop) and bought it right away. It was ever awesome! I felt like I was playing a masterpiece for the first time. I had a similar experience 1 year before with the release of Mario Kart 8. But Splatoon blew me away lol.

What video game gave you the most hyped/excitement for far in this generation of gaming?!   

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I'd have to say Infamous Second Son.

It was the real stand out game during the PS4 announcement for me. Helped that I really enjoyed the previous Infamous games too. Then when it finally came out it looked and played fantastic. Bit short, yeah, but still well worth the wait.

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I guess Xenoblade is the obvious answer

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FFXV and Kingdom Hearts III since Sony E3 2014 aka best conference ever followed by the Uncovered event. Hoping for a similar event for Kingdom Hearts III.

And Uncharted 4 of course.

Xenoblade Chronicles X, FF XV and FF VII R

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In theory it was going to be FE Fates, but with all its controversy and the fact I can't find a Special Edition of it has severily diminished its hpe for me. Go Pokemon Sun/Moon.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X back then.

FFXV, Ni No Kuni 2 and DQXI now. I actually google them daily to see if there's any new info released. I did the same with XCX.

Metal Gear Solid V definetely. Unfortunately it didn't lived up to my hype. It is a great, amazing game, but not the epic MGS it could have been. Maybe my expectations were too high.

Final Fantasy XV for both current and last gen

Also extremely hyped for Dark Souls III which is just around the corner. Good times.

The Last Guardian and then Zelda U ^^