Forums - Gaming Discussion - What video game gave you the most hype/excitement this gen so far?

Definitely FFXV, although we'll see how things go with the FF7R later on.

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Uncharted 4. Only 1 more month!

I've put in about 350 hours into Smash 4 so far so in terms of pure investment, I'd say that one. I became the most emotionally invested into Undertale, hyped for MGS V, which unfortunately was disappointing. Looking forward to Dark Souls III though.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End with Final Fantasy XV being a close second.

Naughty Dog and Sony have been pretty much perfect with the marketing of UC4. All of the gameplay shown has been great and I've loved every single trailer they've put out.

Bloodborne so far. Dark Souls 3 should roughly be on the same level. And then there's the big games like FFXV, FF7R, Xenoblade, etc.

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Fallout 4 without doubt. Bethesda's conference had me ready to cry with joy.

Borderlands 3 has the potential to top that.

Still waiting for one. Mirror's Edge Catalyst hopefully.

mgs 5 guaranteed, depth, playablity,design, its like a Picasso. splatoon was a welcome change to the shooter genre. still need to get xenoblade x

Smash Wii U.

Ka-pi96 said:
I'd have to say Infamous Second Son.

It was the real stand out game during the PS4 announcement for me. Helped that I really enjoyed the previous Infamous games too. Then when it finally came out it looked and played fantastic. Bit short, yeah, but still well worth the wait.

it really was a fantastic game, if only it had better side quests with fleshed out characters, it would have bee a really stand out game. i wasnt even a fan of the first two infamous titles at all, but second son was outstanding. cant wait till E3 hopefully sucker punch will announce a new one. 


@OP: this gen, id have to say maybe Destiny, it didnt turn out to be the game i wanted it to be, but it was pretty fun regardless. after that id have to say Farcry 4, was really stoked for that game, and it was fantastic.


currenlty my most hyped game is Uncharted 4, because its just one month away from release, but my most hype and excitment is for Horizon.