Forums - Gaming Discussion - Vote for the top 5 games you will purchase this year...

5 pts : Super Mario Galaxy
4 pts : Assasins Creed
3 pts : Alan Wake
2 pts : Metroid
1 pts : SSBB

1 pts : No More Heroes (if Alan Wake isnt coming this year)

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1) Blue Dragon

2) BioShock

3) Mass Effect

4) Halo 3

5) Half Life 2 Orange 

what about this thread lets see how all of these games have stacked up... look lair is number 7 overall



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5: Mario galaxy

4: metroid prime 3 (not out in Aus yet)

3: ssbb

2: Zak & Wiki

1: Bwii







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1) Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
2) Super Mario Galaxy
3) Battilion Wars 2
4) Zelda Phantom Hourglass

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Halo 3
Mass Effect
Lost Odyssey
Ace Combat 6

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5 point SSBB
4          SMG
3          WWE SD v Raw for Wii
2          Puzzle De Harvest Moon
1          EA NBA game for Wii

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Super Mario Galaxy
Halo 3
Metriod Prime 3
Zelda the Phantom Hourglass

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5) Mario Galaxy

4) Final Fantasy CC: Crystal Bearers


2) My Sims

1)Dewy's Adventure

5 pts. SMG
4 pts. MP3
3 pts. SSBB
2 pts. RE4
1 pts. Zelda PH