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Forums - Sales Discussion - 26th March 2016 - Weekly Hardware Sales on VGChartz

OneKartVita said:
Ps4 ruling the charts! Over 3 to 1 over its rival.

Ps vita over Wii U!

3DS above x1. Can I ask. If the 3DS in its last year before a successor is outselling the x1 can we realistically say the x1 will probably never reach the current 3DS lifetime sales?

Kind of sad that it barely is beating the always struggling Wii U though. Still, a win is a win!

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Pokken Tournament is quite the beast. But it's doing nothing for Wii U hardware. It's like nothing will move it out of 1st gear.

And Halo 5 limping along at ~22K suggest that disc sales are going to struggle to hit 5 million I think. If it carries on with that sort of level of sales on average for another year 5 million is achievable. But will it do ~22k per week on average for a year? I guess Holiday 2016 sales and extent of disc bundling might make a difference.

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OneKartVita said:
Jranation said:


I thought smartphones would have greatly affect it by now. 

Well considering its declined massively gen over gen it has been greatly effected but it ain't gonna start selling zero.  There's still a market WW.

smarthphones are boring for me ^^ Console's 4 life = )

Ratchet & Clank is coming !!

"Ghost of Tsushima" and "The Last of Us 2" are impressive for me as Gamer, i love them =)

Wow! Ps4 is a beast seling 3:1 over its competitor.

As expected.

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Wait and see the Uncharted4 Week :D

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Nate4Drake said:
Wait and see the Uncharted4 Week :D

more than 800.000 PS4s in the first week week ? ( :

"Ghost of Tsushima" and "The Last of Us 2" are impressive for me as Gamer, i love them =)

Poor Xbone being beaten by a 5 years old handheld.