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This is good! Immigrants ... 14 36.84%
curl-6 said:
barneystinson69 said:

And the obvious first nation's jokes...

As if the Australian's or American's have treated them so well. Either way, you knew what I was talking about. Canada doesn't need immigration, we need to close up, and start focusing on a healthy birthrate!

I never excused America or Australia. If anything, my own country (Aus) has an even worse history of indigenous persecution; colonists actually managed to successfully exterminate the native population of Tasmania, which if I recall correctly is the only completely successful example of genocide in history.

I'm all for the sensible regulation of a country's immigrant intake, I just couldn't resist pointing out the inherent irony.

That isn't true. They weren't all exterminated. You should go check out the aboriginal community in Tasmania. They are whiter than sand and have ginger hair and claim to be local tasmanian aborigian decendants to get the kickbacks.



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curl-6 said:
SlayerRondo said:

Not really, hasn't been a single genocide since federation and there's not going to be.

Also, the fact that genocide occured was not due to the morality of white people, but rather an imbalance of power that existed and the times people lived in.  Aboriginals in Australia simply lacked to capability to enact anything such as colonialization or genocide rather than anything resembling higher morality on their part.

In the end all races are capable of genocide and the past is the past. Saying to someone "your ancestors did bad things therefore bad things happening to you are justified" is in itself a racist statement that holds no water in todays world. 

White immigrants did not treat the native populations well upon their arrival for the most part is true but that does not mean that immigrants that won't behave in an acceptable manner in the 21st century who want to go to Canada should be allowed to.

Whether it was before or after Federation doesn't matter. 

And it was absolutely an issue of morality; white colonists knew exactly what they were doing when they massacred Aborigines. But they did it anyway, because they believed that murdering people of "inferior" races was justified.

And I never said "your ancestors did bad things therefore bad things happening to you are justified". I merely pointed out the inherent irony.

It would be ironic if the people who commited genocide were the ones wanting to keep people out because they though they were dangerous.

The people currently in Canada are not responsible for the past genocide their ancestors commited in any way.

Also, as a point of note, all people have ancestors who commited genocide as homosapiens commited genocide against the neanderthals.

This is the Game of Thrones

Where you either win

or you DIE

fatslob-:O said:
WolfpackN64 said:
What's the problem? 300 000 immigrants is not that much considering what a small country like Lebanon has to take in. If you invest in these people now, you'll see good returns later.

Not true ... 

The vast majorities of employees are liabilities, not assets ...

That's a very poor argument with no ground to stand on.

Touchy subject.

WolfpackN64 said:

That's a very poor argument with no ground to stand on.

No it isn't ... 

Ethnic minorities are known to participate more in welfare programs in North America proportionally speaking and we still don't know how many of them will turn into multi-millionaires or duds either ... 

There are many more losers in the world of business than winners ...

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