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Forums - Sports Discussion - Warriors or Spurs?

PAOerfulone said:

Tell you what though. If they play the way they did against the my abysmal Lakers, they won't stand a chance against the Spurs

Exactly. And this is where defense comes into play. If your shots aren't falling, you either need to shut the other team down or start making shots. The Warriors seem either unwilling to play great defense or are incapable. I mean, they just got blown out by the second worst team in the league.

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I am so happy now, watching Lakers win against the Warriors. Even if our season is once again abysmal, this was a small ray of hope for the future!

That was something. Wonder how Iggy would have influenced the game, good to see Lakers slowly rising from the ashes.

It did expose their weakness, but it wasn't their defense. 
Their weakness is that they tend to take their foot off the gas pedal too often and get too comfortable, they stoop to the level of the competition rather than force the competition to play up to theirs, that issue has been frequent throughout the season, but it hasn't really burned them until now.  
They just didn't come to play.
At All.
They practically beat themselves.
They thought this would be an easy game to win because they were playing the Lakers, so they were not into it at all, and look what happened.
They're still the best team in the league and they're still the favorites to win the title, but not if they play like this with this mindset and attitude. 

Well tomorrow shall certainly be interesting.

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PAOerfulone said:
Well tomorrow shall certainly be interesting.

Yeah, if Pop actually uses all of his starters this time! Looking forward to it anyway!

Turns out he used all his guys with some twists. Never thought I'd ever see Duncan come off the bench!
But gotta give credit to the Spurs, they shout down Steph and the beat the Warriors in defensive slug fest.
I've kept saying if anybody can beat them 4 out of 7 times it's them, and that's how they do it.