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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which vaporware titles can Nintendo save for the NX?

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Nintendo saving vaporware. A sound strategy for the future?

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Nintendo will not move mo... 6 28.57%
Megaman Legends 3, you kn... 4 19.05%

There are recent rumours of Nintendo funding the developement of Beyond Good and Evil 2, the long awaited sequel of Beyond Good and Evil. Years ago, Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2 by funding it. Considering Nintendo's problems with 3rd parties, saving vaporware from oblivion seems to be a good strategy to get exclusives and strengthen the bonds with other publishers.

Will this become a trend with Nintendo? And if it does, which vaporware games could Nintendo save to the NX?

Incoming Half-Life 3 jokes. Shame on you.

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One of the cancelled Mega Man games maybe?

Seeing as they got Bayonetta 2, how about Vanquish?

Final Fantasy XIII Versus

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Crash Bandicoot.

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Red Ash would be awesome.

Well, this is new.


It's completly impossible but I'd like them to "save" StarCraft: Ghost

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Metroid Dread, oh wait...

Since many people talk about it I'd like to see Vanquish or maybe Red Steel from Ubisoft...

Darksiders 3 would be a decent acquisition. Nothing amazing, but decent.

Well, this is new.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance...

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