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So back in March of 2013, I created Tomb Raider.......WOW! This was when the rebooted Tomb Raider series had just launched, and like many, I was floored by its presentation. Well, nearly three years later, its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, has just launched on the PC platofrm (after a Fall 2015 release on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One), and, again, the game doesn't fail to impress! 

Whether it's impressive use of tessellation, or the highly detailed texture mapping, Rise of the Tomb Raider is easily one of the best looking games out there - certainly on the PC. Lara, herself, has seen a complete overhaul, with SSS taking a role like never before in the series. All of her scars/dirt/sweat/stains look and act realistic, breathing new life into the character and screaming: "THIS IS CURRENT GEN!" from the top of its lungs!

Now as I said in 2013, to some, this may sound like hyperbole, but if you've got the juice to max it out, and are craving a wonderfully executed adventure game, look no further than Rise of the Tomb Raider. I picked it up on the X1 in November, but this takes it a step further, fixing up many blemishes that and standing toe-toe-toe with some of the best visuals out there.


Some of my own screens:








Btw, some of these shots were taken with two different anti-aliasing solutions (so I could see what I preferred). FXAA is blurrier, but gets the job done and doesn't really impact performance, while SMAA (what the majority of these screens were taken with) offers a sharper image at the cost of more jaggies.

Now, don't get me wrong, the visuals aren't flawless. I wish there were more AA options, and PureHair doesn't impress quite in the same way that TressFx did in 2013, but what's here is beautifully crafted and a considerable step up from the reboot!


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I have to agree with you there. A truly magnificent game and one which also looks mighty impressive too. Having seen and played the 360 version also, I was quite surprised how much power could be eked out of the aging console. In a good way! And ofcourse the X1 version takes it up with the PC version; yet further.

Game itself as I've said a few times before is also well worth playing. The larger areas, extra diversity, and well just all-round tweaks and improvements to the original make it one of my favourite (and best looking!) titles of 2015 and no doubt beyond.


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Great graphics or not, the game is phenomenal. Most fun I've had with an action game in a very very long time.

rise of the tomb raider is awesome

i might re-buy it just to do it(if i have extra funds) when it hits ps4, just to support it there too

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Screenshots don't do the game justice, When the game is in motion it is breathtaking.

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GamechaserBE said:
Screenshots don't do the game justice, When the game is in motion it is breathtaking.

Agreed. Ice, rocks, and terrain, in particular, are sights to behold!


Yep, looking forward to taking this game for a spin when it comes out on PS4. Towards the latter end of 2016 would be nice!

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Yup, it looks great.

Best looking game of 2015 IMO , even the Xbone version...

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Looks amazing. Not really a fan of photoreal but if it's done right, it's phenomenal.