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Forums - Music Discussion - Your favorite childhood songs?

I just stumbled onto this on youtube. One of my favorite childhood songs. I remember listening to this with my brothers.



What are your favorite childhood songs?

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This was my favorite cd in high school. The Killer Instinct cd Killer Cuts was another favorite.

Says its unavailable. :/

Ghostbusters movie soundtrack vinyl.

Footloose soundtrack is another favorite.

Mystro-Sama said:
Says its unavailable. :/

try searching 


real solution #9 mambo mania mix 


i forgot how to embed videos. BTW here's killer cuts

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This song, which you might recognize as it was sampled by Shakira several years ago. Talks about how couples don't love each other like they used to and how his love with a woman will never die.

There's this other one which I loved as a kid.

Both are in Spanish.

lmao some of these songs, what a trip

Also, the entire Hybrid Theory album

I'm posting too many videos lol

omg everyone's gonna hate me for including pop songs but IDC

Official Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Thread


My childhood lasted until well into my twenties, so here you go :p

Other favorites were

Who let the dogs out.
Kid Rock
Pretty Fly